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Air Conditioner Installation Services In South Florida

Air Conditioner Installation
Air Conditioner Installation

An Air Conditioner installation is the opportunity to take control of your indoor comfort and AIR QUALITY.

Cut the cost of air conditioning and reduce your carbon footprint (pollution).

Control the cooling levels in each room and reduce noise improving dehumidification and air filtration.

It’s important to take the right decision and to take the time to get helpful information.

Turn to the experts for recommendations, and a job done right.

So call CENTRY AIR DESIGNS at (305) 458-5022  or (863) 733-3377 for air conditioner installation in MIAMI-DADE, BROWARD, MONROE, PALM BEACH, HIGHLANDS COUNTIES.

Reliable Air Conditioner Installation in Miami Springs, Doral & Westchester, FL

CENTRY AIR DESIGNS specializes in new construction, renovations, residential and commercial projects.

We offer a wide range of cooling solutions to suit any challenge.

Because our technicians are licensed, insured, bonded and certified as a Rheem Pro Partner, so  we ensure an ideal and top quality system to meet your requirements.

So keep in mind CENTRY AIR DESIGNS for your  Central Air Conditioning, V.R.F. systems, High Velocity HVAC, heat pumps, or ductless units (mini-split) installation.

Turn to our team for all your air conditioner installation and replacement services!

From industry-leading Air Conditioning System Installation, efficiency ratings to best-in-the-market warranties.

We deliver top return from your investment.

Because we are locally and family owned and operated, our customers are what drive us to be the best.

Why choose CENTRY AIR DESIGNS TO BE your Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, COMMERCIAL AND residential Air Conditioning SOLUTION?

  • Because we do it right from the beginning.
  • We will give you and honest recommendation
  • Because we provide you with same day service
  • We are fast and reliable and provide service 24/7
  • Because our technicians are certified.
  • Our long-time customer and referral prove we are the ones to trust.
  • Because you can save thousands by joining the Centry V.I.P. Club.
  • And when we do air conditioner installation we use Top Quality Brands parts and systems: Rheem, York, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Guardian, Lennox, Goodman.

So get a FREE ESTIMATE and take advantage of our dedication to excellence in SOUTH FLORIDA.

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The Installation Steps

In the heat of Miami and South Florida, there is nothing better than having 100% working air conditioning to keep your
Here is a simple, step-by-step guide to follow when buying a home air conditioning system.
This is not one of those “do it yourself” tasks. The most valuable recommendation is to have it installed by a certified technician.
The first thing is to keep in mind that each air conditioning is different; that makes the installation different for each case.
It is impossible to have recourse to the exact instructions, as all the devices have common elements that are very similar, both in operation and installation, but they have very few differences that are crucial.

Funcionamiento del aire acondicionado
Funcionamiento del aire acondicionado
Step 1: Choosing the right air conditioner

Keep in mind that the system you choose MUST have certain characteristics that it must meet.
That it has the capacity to refrigerate the house well.
That it has the precise capacity: having an exaggerated air is not good (it uses more energy, it can create humidity)
That is certified with the Energy Star rating of electricity saver

Step 2: Carefully select the place where the air conditioning will be installed

Split type air conditioning systems come with main components:
Outdoor unit: Compressor and condenser.
Indoor Unit: Evaporator – Air Handler
A hose to drain the condensation.
To locate the air handler inside the house: In a central place, that optimizes the cooling and reaches everywhere.
To locate the compressor it must be taken into account that it is protected: from blows by children’s games, from dirt, from very strong weather (it is better not to drop so much water directly.

Step 3: The two parts of the air conditioner will be connected to each other by cables and a pipe.

The energy, the refrigerant and the gas will circulate there.
Each model will explain in its instructions how to make these connections specifically.
We must bear in mind that a hole will have to be made in the wall to pass that pipe and cables, so that both parts of the air (inside and outside) are connected.
Taking this into account, we placed the support of the indoor unit of the air conditioning where we have chosen.
First we make sure that it is straight marking well with pencil and a level. Then we will need a drill with concrete bits, 6 mm plugs and lag screws to secure it.

Step 4: Drill the hole that will connect the indoor and outdoor units

Near the support this hole will have to be made.
We will need thicker concrete bits than before to drill.
Then use a chisel and hammer to enlarge the hole and test the connection tube until it fits properly.

Step 5: Route the cables and tubes outside

According to the instructions of our specific model, we pass the necessary cables and tubes through the hole we have made.

Step 6: Place the indoor unit on its bracket

We make sure that it is firm and fastened in said support, using the hooks that it has for it.

Step 7: Install the outdoor unit

On the outside of the chosen site, which will normally be a terrace, balcony or gallery, we begin to install the outdoor unit.
If we want the cables not to be seen, and a professional job remains, we can start by installing a gutter that conceals them once they are in place.
From here, it is advisable to follow the instructions for connecting cables and tubes to the units to the letter.
This is the most delicate part. Many times we will need specialized tools.
We connect the tubes to the outdoor unit as indicated in the diagram of our specific device, and we also make the necessary electrical connections specified in the instructions.
As always, it is necessary to take the possible precautions against the electric current, disconnecting and taking care.

Outdoor Unit Location
Outdoor Unit Location
Step 8: Test the air conditioner

In this step it is convenient to plug in the appliance and test that everything works.
If it does not, it will be necessary to review, little by little and according to the manual, the different steps for connecting cables and pipes that we have just carried out.
This is where most problems arise.

Step 9: The finishing touches

Once we have verified that the air conditioning works, we can put the finishing touches to make it perfect.

So, now you know: At CENTRY AIR DESIGNS we are the experts. Contact us at (305) 458-5022 or (863) 733-3377 for all your AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLATION needs in MIAMI-DADE and SOUTH FLORIDA.

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