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Geothermal Pump
Geothermal Pump

A Geothermal Pump offers environmentally friendly heating and cooling, often trimming utility bills by up to 70%.

The system draws from the free, renewable energy source located underground and simply moves heat to and from the home.

Twice as efficient as any top-rated air conditioner and nearly 50% more efficient than industry leading furnaces, geothermal units can also supplement a conventional water heater, providing further savings.

Efficient Geothermal HVAC Services

While the startup investment is higher than with conventional HVAC, these innovative systems last longer, qualify for federal tax incentives, and typically recover the cost in under seven years.

Whether for new construction projects or retrofit, make Centry Air Designs your choice for geothermal temperature control in SOUTH FLORIDA. Family owned and operated, we are a local company and entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Fully bonded, licensed, and insured, our factory authorized technicians design the ideal system to suit your specific budget, requirements, and goals.

Trust CENTRY AIR DESIGNS for your geothermal repairs, maintenance & installations!

CENTRY AIR DESIGNS handles streamlined installation, essential maintenance, and skilled repair of all makes and models of geothermal pumps.

And our team will work around the clock to resolve emergency situations anywhere across SOUTH FLORIDA.

So give us a call at (305) 458-5022 or  (863) 733-3377 to learn more about the green benefits, cost savings, and exceptional value and comfort provided by a geothermal heating and cooling pump.

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