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High Velocity HVAC Services in Miami Springs, FL & throughout Miami-Dade County

High Velocity A/C Ducts
High Velocity A/C Vents

High Velocity HVAC provide many benefits.

Are you looking for a whole-home heating and cooling system?

Do you want a system that installs without a lengthy, messy, and involved installation project?

CENTRY AIR DESIGNS provides exceptional energy efficiency and comfort without sacrificing space or aesthetics. Let us introduce you to the many benefits of High-Velocity HVAC.

We offer free estimates across SOUTH FLORIDA and handle proper system design, installation, seasonal maintenance, and repair of all makes and models. Our team works around the clock to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Top Quality High Velocity HVAC Services

Advantages, advantages, advantages:

  • Rather than large, bulky ducts, this type of system utilizes flexible, narrow tubing and small-diameter vents which incorporate seamlessly into existing walls.
  • A high-velocity air handler pushes heated/cooled air at a high rate of pressure, creating a gentle suction and circulating throughout the room very quickly.
  • This achieves ideal room temperatures much faster.
  • The system is not required to run for long periods of time or work as hard.
  • It uses fewer resources and less energy, which adds up to savings in your pocket.
  • High-Velocity systems retrofit easily into existing and older homes.
  • The vents can be placed almost anywhere and offer a wide range of style options.
  • You can eliminate portable air conditioners, space heaters, or outdated, cumbersome HVAC units.

Trust THE CENTRY AIR DESIGNS TEam for your high velocity HVAC system installations

CENTRY AIR DESIGNS looks forward to designing and installing a state-of-the-art, energy efficient high-velocity system to perfectly match your needs.

Family owned and operated, we are a local business providing expert and cost-effective services throughout SOUTH FLORIDA.

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