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Smart Home Thermostat
Smart Home Thermostat

At CENTRY AIR DESIGNS, we simplify everyday challenges. We optimize convenience and cost-savings while alleviating stress and responsibility. We create smart homes in SOUTH FLORIDA. Give us a call at (305) 458-5022 and learn more about the many opportunities at your fingertips. By combining your systems and appliances into a single platform, you enjoy superior control, easier access, and maximum efficiency. The professionals from Centry Air Designs design a system perfect for your lifestyle, goals, and budget, providing future-proof technology and user-friendly management.

Expert WiFi Thermostat Installations

Consider the many benefits of a WiFi thermostat. This simple, cost-effective upgrade takes comfort to a whole new level. Today’s thermostats not only provide access through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, but automatically cater to your schedule, allowing set and forget operation. Browse features such as voice control, learning capability, room sensors, geofencing, energy tracking, and so much more. Let the experts from Centry Air Designs help you determine the right fit for your HVAC system and demands.

Turn to CENTRY AIR DESIGNS for home automation solutions to improve your residence

With a home automation system, electronics and appliances accommodate you, rather than the other way around. From temperature control to lighting, sound systems, door locks, window sensors, and surveillance cameras, you can keep a close watch on your home, get alerts, make adjustments, ensure efficiency, and take advantage of automated programs. The possibilities are nearly endless and Centry Air Designs makes sure you get the best of everything.

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